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Major practice area: claims against sellers of defective financial products

Kirwan McKeown James Solicitorsare well known litigators and have gained a reputation for successfully prosecuting claims against product providers on behalf of investors for the mis -selling and mis-managing of investors monies.

Apart from their legal expertise and experience over many years in this area, KMJ bring their own special brand of expertise to these claims. KMJ have the necessary business acumen, knowledge of financial products and compliance requirements necessary to advise investors in situations where sellers of financial products can be held liable for fraud, loss, negligence and breach of contract.

KMJ have the right team to ensure cases do not become bogged down in court delays and have succeeded in getting class actions settled or heard quickly and cost effectively.

We have acted in a number of class actions in respect of investments which went wrong in Shanghai, London, United States and Ireland. This involved liaising with lawyers, valuers, accountants and financial advisors in many jurisdictions and we have a network of expert witnesses who can sift through and assimilate massive detail expeditiously and expertly.f

We have acted for as many as 200 and as little as 1.

We have managed to expedite cases through the use of injunctions and by applying for early discovery in circumstances where the Sellers were refusing to release documents. We have consistently convinced the High Court and the Commercial Court in class actions of the effectiveness of using pathfinder Plaintiffs to bring a case to trial thereby obtaining quicker settlements without the potential for huge costs and outlays in class actions where the entire case may be only as strong as the weakest link. We do this while preserving the rights of all investors at all times. 

We have sued banks, stockbrokers, financial advisors and promotors. Our aim is to recover what is possible for the investor at minimum costs and as quickly as possible.

We act on behalf of a number of brokers and are fully aware of the obligations on sellers of financial products to comply with contract and the requirements of the Central Bank. 

We have also advised other solicitors on a consultancy basis on many more.

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